Sometimes we think that why my teeth turn pale yellow. How can we go for teeth whitening. Our teeth basically consists of three parts. Outermost is Enamel. It is white in color. Beneath the enamel is dentine which is yellow in color. Then comes the part called pulp. which is made up of blood vessels and nerves.

When we drink or eat acidic fruits of juices like lemon, orange juice or any soft drink. They erode or wear away the enamel exposing the yellow dentine.

Use of cigarettes, certain medications, age and poor dental hygiene are certain reasons which can erode your enamel leaving your teeth appearing yellow.


We can avoid our teeth turning yellow.

we should brush our teeth regularly so any remains of our food or bacteria living in our teeth producing acid wash away.

A study found if your toothpaste contain baking soda or peroxide it will help you to get rid of tooth stains and whiten your teeth. Baking soda has ability to turn your teeth white. It is also slightly abrasive so it can wash away your stains. Moreover, baking soda can create alkaline environment which prevents bacteria to stay and grow in mouth. You can buy baking soda from your nearby grocery

store or buy it here online at amazon.

3 Solutions for teeth whitening & for Perfect Teeth

There are few solutions which can cause teeth whitening and helps you get perfect teeth.

Limit Sugars in your diet

If you really want to keep your teeth healthy, limit your sugar intake. Sugar provide food for the most notorious bacteria of the mouth i.e Staphylococcus mutans that is responsible for the plaque and gingivitis.

Take plenty of Calcium in your diet

If your enamel erode away, then only thing that can help you to grow it again is intake of calcium rich food. It may include yogurt, cheese, sardines and canned salmon, Almonds, whey protein, Fruits and vegetables etc.

Apple cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is being used from ancient times as a disinfectant and natural cleaning agent. It is mainly consists of Acetic acid which is active ingredient to kill bacteria. which is why it is being used to clean your mouth and whitening your teeth. But overuse of apple cider vinegar directly and frequently as it erode away your enamel leaving your teeth yellow. so it can be only use as a mouthwash if you dilute it with water and use it for few seconds. Make sure to rinse your mouth with plain water afterwards. You can buy from here.

Best Whitening toothpaste

Here are few best toothpastes for teeth whitening

1. Cali White activated charcol with coconut oil Toothpaste

2. Supersmile Professional teethwhitening (clinically proven to remove stains and whiten teeth upto six shades)

3. Linart Enamel strengthening toothpastes will strengthen your enamel and gives you minty flavor.

4. Crest 3D White toothpaste radiant Mint flavour.


How do whitening toothpastes work

Whitening toothpaste work by one of the following methods.

Optical Effect

These method use blue-toned brighteners. when you brush these brighteners coat your teeth. Specially those whiteners who claim “instant brightness” or instant whiteness”. It is the reason why some whitening toothpastes also producing blue foam while brushing.


This method work by utilizing small amount of scrubbing agent such as silica or activated charcoal. These agents helps to remove plaque and stubborn stains. But prolonged use of these agents is not recommended because it will erode away your enamel leading to sensitivity. Using these pastes once a week is recommended.


Enzymes usually obtained from fruits. This method of cleaning claims to break down proteins on your teeth which is present in plaque.

Chemical Cleaning

These chemicals like Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, to whiten teeth. It will bleach and light your stains on the enamel of theeth. So, they appear whiter.

Is Whitening toothpaste safe?

Yes, it is safe. As it is categorized as a cosmetic product. so, it must comply with strict EU regulations safety guidelines.

But those people who already have sensitivity problem, they should not use such toothpaste. As these pastes are of abrasive nature and you can suffer further sensitivity and enamel damage. Peoxides can also cause teeth and gums to become sensitive.



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Sometimes we think that why my teeth turn pale yellow. How can we go for teeth whitening. Our teeth basically consists of three parts. Outermost is Enamel. It is white in color. Beneath the enamel is dentine which is yellow in color. Then comes the part called pulp....

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